An idea became a vision; a vision became a mission; and a mission brought Operation Beachhead to life.
This life continues to grow through the support of people who wish to show their appreciation and thanks to our veterans.

Operation Beachhead

An idea became a vision; a vision became a mission;
and a mission brought Operation Beachhead to life.

Volunteer and Participant Information


If you are interested in volunteering please take a look at the dates of our events and volunteer opportunities. Please take a moment to fill out the form below and then click on the waiver button to print out the needed waiver.

Summer Volunteer opportunities are listed below.

Set-up: This includes moving equipment to the beach from boardwalk or the parking area, setting up the tables, tents, coolers, chairs, etc. Start time 8:00. (Unless other arrangements are made.) Please note that if you choose to move equipment and take part in the set-up, you do not have to stay the rest of the day, unless you choose to. So if you only have time for this portion, we would appreciate the help.


This includes collecting waivers from participants and volunteers or having the participants sign waivers if they did not bring them along. Start time 9:30 (Waiver volunteers may also be requested to sell shirts.)

Sales: Sale of Operation Beachhead shirts. Start time 9:30

Watermen/women: This group will assist the participants getting into and in the water, either using kayaks, adaptive surfboards, floats, boogie boards, etc. Start time 9:30

Catchers: This group will aid at the water’s edge helping the participants when they surf in and either need help turning around to go back out or help getting out of the water. The designated host will then assist to getting them back on the beach. Start time 9:30

Designated Host:
This includes
  • Helping the challenged participant get onto the beach by helping them get onto the beach using beach wheel chairs or any means they prefer.
  • Working with one or two participants, making sure they have what they need to be comfortable on the beach when they are not in the water.
  • Helping the participant getting away from the water once the catchers have them securely on the beach.
  • Checking to see if they are warm, comfortable, and if they need a drink etc.
  • Getting the participant to the lunch area if needed.
  • This will be especially helpful when we have large groups. Start time 9:30

Lunch pickup:
This includes picking up lunch and bringing it to the beach. Because of the parking situation, this should be at least 2 or 3 people. Start time 11:30Lunch setup: This includes receiving the lunch from those dropping the lunch off and bringing it to the lunch area and setting the lunch up for the group. Start time 12:30


This includes taking down the tents and moving the equipment off the beach. If Operation Beachhead uses wetsuits for the participants, they need to be taken back to the storage location and washed down to be ready for the next event. This activity happens after the beach day around 1PM at the beach location. As with the set-up duties, a volunteer can arrive at the designated time and does not need to be present for the entire beach day.

General Information

The participants will be arriving at approximately 10 AM. As in the past, it is essential that we gather on the beach and be ready for them no later than 9:30 AM. There will be some instruction before each event. If you are attending an event, please download the waiver for that event, sign it and bring it with you to the event. Waivers for each event location are listed below.

(There will also be waivers available at the event, should you need one.)

To Volunteer or Participate, please fill out the form below.

Thank you for your interest in Operation Beachhead. You will hear from us soon.
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Event Waivers

Sea Girt (Word - PDF)
Spring Lake (Word - PDF)
Wildwood (Word - PDF)
Old Bridge Skating Arena (Word - PDF)
Jersey Shore Skating Arena (Word - PDF)
Winding River Skating Arena (Word - PDF)
For information email: [email protected] or [email protected]

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