An idea became a vision; a vision became a mission; and a mission brought Operation Beachhead to life.
This life continues to grow through the support of people who wish to show their appreciation and thanks to our veterans.

Operation Beachhead

An idea became a vision; a vision became a mission;
and a mission brought Operation Beachhead to life.

August 19, 2017 ~ Operation Beachhead Celebrates Two Events

Saturday, August 19th, was a very exciting day for Operation Beachhead. Two events were held on this day: Spring Lake and 100 miles south in Wildwood at the: “Charlie Butler Memorial Storm the Wildwood Surf” event. The weather couldn’t have been better for the events. Warm weather and water temperatures made for a fantastic day with lots of time in the water. The day in Spring Lake was the largest event to date for Operation Beachhead with many new guests trying adaptive surfing or kayaking for the first time. They joined Operation Beachhead’s team of regular adaptive surfers and a tremendous number of volunteers.

Meanwhile in Wildwood, Operation Beachhead also experienced the largest participation in that location. Local surfers, police personnel and the Wildwood Beach Patrol Team # 1 were all on hand to assist  in the water as they did in previous years. Kyle, the Patrol Team captain,  told Operation Beachhead, that they, “look forward to this event all year.” They also mentioned that for the third consecutive year they won the Annual Navy SEAL Challenge. How lucky is Operation Beachhead to have found such dedicated and talented watermen/women to help in both locations?

This was a Saturday of firsts for many in both locations. While the American Legion Post #184 always hosts Operation Beachhead, many of the veterans stay away from the water. On this day, however,  several tried surfing and the kayaking.

After a day on the water activity, both groups enjoyed lunch. The Spring Lake group was treated to lunch on the beach hosted by Whole Foods in Wall NJ. The Wildwood group was treated to lunch at the American Legion Post, prepared by the members. In both locations it was nice to relax and share a meal together.

We thank both towns of Spring Lake and Wildwood for their hospitality. We thank the American Legion post #184 for the beach accommodations, transportation, the donation of a tandem kayak and several life jackets, and the music on the beach. Operation Beachhead thanks the Kona Surf Shop, Wildwood for their sponsorship and needed repairs to some of the Beachhead equipment. We thank Thomas Conte for his wonderful photos, but we wish we could have cloned him for the day in Wildwood. IPhones are no match for his skill, talent or his camera.

We also thank Charlie Butler’s family for joining us.

Most of all we thank the volunteers for their dedication and talent. We thank the participants for giving the trust of their safety to Operation Beachhead.

Wildwood  Video Link

Spring Lake